By: | June 2, 2012

A Healthier Life Through Health Coaching

Health coaching may still be news to many people, but it’s quickly gaining supporters within the medical field. Seen as a way to address health concerns that medicine alone may not be able to solve, health coaching is becoming a more common prescription to a variety of issues people struggle with regularly.

The world is filled with potential stressors, and some people are more affected than others; sometimes in ways they’re not aware of. While a little stress can be good, it’s when this stress starts to pile up that people find themselves suffering.

But doctors realize this. And when they find themselves faced with a medical problem rooted deeper than antibiotics can go, they’re starting to turn patients to health coaches for a solution.

The Benefits of Health Coaching

Health coaching centers itself around you and your situation. With your health goals in mind, health coaches help you understand what’s preventing you from taking the next step forward.

A classic example is the overeater. A majority of America is suffering from obesity, and it’s a problem most people can relate to. But unfortunately, a lot of people continue to struggle not knowing why they can’t break their bad habit. A doctor may be able to tell you that you’re overweight, or that you should exercise more and eat less, but that may not be enough. This is when they turn to health coaches for support.

A health coach will work with you to understand your eating habits and your lifestyle. Together the two of your will uncover the root of your problem and how to address it. As you start to make sense of your situation, coaches show you how to navigate the stress that has gotten you so off track and how to empower yourself enough to get back on and stay there.

But the world of health coaching is not perfect. Because the field is still pretty new, an accredited certification process is yet to be established with the support of the national medical association. No, this doesn’t mean that every health coach is a hack. But it does mean you have to be a bit more informed when choosing a health coach.

There are plenty of qualified coaches available today, and the number continues to grow. You just need to know what to look for when researching potential coaches.

An ideal coach should have:

  • Certification
    • While there may not be any national certification process yet, there are organizations that offer training in health and wellness coaching. Look for certification from one of these groups. You may also want to research the group itself. Make sure you’re confident in the level of education and training they offer. Also look for education and degrees relating to coaching from reputable universities.
  • Experience
    • The more the better. Keep in mind that while this person may not call herself a doctor, you are trusting her with advising your well-being.
  • Professionalism
    • Read testimonials; schedule interviews; whatever it takes to get a good idea of how this person handles herself and her work. You’re placing a lot of trust in this person and it’s important for her to be aware of your needs and how to help you. Look for a passionate and understanding person with enough confidence in her work to stick with you and your therapy.

Health coaching can be incredibly useful. But it can also be too little help for some. It’s important to remember that this is, at it’s core, just coaching. Sessions will only be successful if you are committed to changing yourself. Some situations may call for more intense help. If you’re looking for an extra push or need more help understanding your situation, health coaching in Baltimore, MD may be perfect for you. But if you’re suffering from severe health problems or have a long history of issues, you should consult a doctor first.

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