Psychotherapy has been defined in many ways. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process by which an individual, through discourse and relationship with a therapist, identifies and develops internal resources to more effectively manage painful feelings and daily stressors. In addition, this process can give rise to insights into the relationship between one’s past and present relationships and one’s current experience of the world. This, in turn, can lead to changed inter-relational patterns (with others and with self) that may also alleviate painful emotional patterns. Narrative and re-framing techniques can provide a fresh perspective on one’s internal understanding of self-story, and competency-based, solution focused inquiry can identify strengths and coping mechanisms previously unrecognized. A therapeutic relationship allows a person to experience him- or herself in a light of unconditional positive regard, and can be one means to identify one’s needs and feelings, and to develop the tools and strategies to respond to them in a healthy, growth-promoting manner.

Treatment Description:

The treatment you will receive is client-driven psychotherapy. That is, treatment focuses on emotional and behavioral changes that the client wants to make. Over the course of treatment, the clinician works together with the client to identify existing (and often unrecognized) strengths and skills that the client can harness to make the desired changes, as well as developing new strengths, skills and understanding to further effect change. Initial sessions identify and clarify treatment goals, and subsequent sessions focus on working and measuring progress toward those goals. Clients may opt for traditional “talk therapy” or use other modalities (e.g. art therapy), as they prefer.


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  • 30 Minute Session $65
  • 60 Minute Session $105