Pre-Natal Massage

Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. It can also help to develop the sensory awareness necessary to relax during First Stage of labor; recruit appropriate muscles during pushing phase and improve the outcome of labor.

Prenatal Massage will reduce muscle tension associated with pregnancy, your trained therapist will teach you trimester appropriate positioning with pillows and props and techniques to reduce edema (swelling in legs and feet) and leg cramps. Regardless of your individual circumstances, a pregnant woman’s body is challenged, changed and stressed in many ways and massage gives special attention to the mother-to-be, which in turn nurtures the new life that grows within her.

Additional benefits of Prenatal Massage include:

  • Relieving muscle spasms, cramps and myofascial pain – especially in the back, neck, hips and legs
  • Reducing Edema
  • Increasing blood and lymph circulation increasing cellular nutrition
  • Reducing strain on weight-bearing joins and musculo-fascial structures
  • Providing a pregnant woman with the experience of loving, nurturing touch so that she may touch her baby lovingly

*Please note: Women considering massage treatment in their first trimester should consult with their doctor prior to scheduling an appointment. For the safety of the mother and baby, The Healing Path recommends prenatal massage in the second and third trimesters only.

Pre-Natal Massage Pricing

  • 45 Minutes $65
  • 60 Minutes $90
  • 90 Minute $120

Infant Massage Workshops:

Love through touch empowers compassion, security, and trust. The earlier we can provide a continuous positive touch to an infant, the earlier the attachment creates a long line of constructive effects in the relationship between an infant and those that are care-giving. Infant massage provides numerous benefits. It can improve sleep, stimulate appetite, decrease post-partum depression, help provide relief for constipation, gas and colic, increase paternal bonding, and increase overall bonding and attachment with caregivers. What is really beautiful about learning infant massage is that it can really bring parents and/or caregivers closer with their baby in their own unique way. Infant massage can begin as early as 3 weeks after delivery, this way you can get to know your baby. See for yourself. Experience the beauty. Create the magic.

Newborns are welcome up to pre-crawling stage. Twins are welcome! $100.00 per family for a 4 week workshop.

Workshops are offered at our Timonium Studio. Contact Jessie directly to get the current schedule 410-493-0196

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