New To Us?

Welcome to The Healing Path! It feels great when we decide to take time for our wellness and relaxation. At The Healing Path we believe that when you are living in balance, good things happen. You are more successful in your every day because you feel relaxed, healthier and happier. We would like to take part in reducing your stress and restoring balance in your life. At The Healing Path we know that growing from a place of imbalance to a state of wellness is a process and a journey. At The Healing Path, we know your journey begins here.

Please call or stop in to book your Introductory appointment with us!

Introductory Appointments are only available Tuesday – Thursday and are for local Baltimore Residents only. 

Introductory Massage & Wellness Membership!

Our Introductory membership is a great way to try us without a long term commitment. Enjoy 3 months of massage, prenatal massage or skincare treatments for $79 per month. Some rules and restrictions apply.

Introductory Massage:

Custom Signature Massage 60 Minutes- $79

Custom Signature Massage 90 Minutes-$114

Introductory Prenatal Massage

We are not offering prenatal massage at this time. 

Custom Prenatal 60 Minutes- $79